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Lawyers Against injustice will enable the legal community to help fight the injustice of legal application. It involves six steps:

  1. We identify key legal projects that will make a difference to poor and vulnerable people.
  2. You join Lawyers against Injustice (LAI) as a way you can make a difference in abating the miscarriage of justice.
  3. You make a small regular donation (which will fund the cases), and then help to improve the projects by commenting on them through the media.
  4. You have your say in voting for which projects we support with the donations received, and voting for the Oversight Committee that will help guide this.
  5. You have the opportunity to get more involved if you would like, through research, volunteering, and attending events.
  6. DONATE!

Why do lawyers volunteer?

They do so out of consciousness knowing the amounts they receive will provide the means to file cases on behalf of the membership. Collectively, we will assure cases are presented to the courts and our concerns will have legal ramifications.

Your donation is tiered and tailored to you so that everyone can give according to their means.

Your regular gift will ensure that we are able to find justice for the most vulnerable, for as long as it takes.

We are committed on working to keep a democratic ethos alive in the community.

For every $1 you donate, $0.83 cents will be spent on vital cases and legal programs. Just $0.17 cents covers the costs of fundraising and administration.

The Justice Fund will be governed by the Oversight Committee, made up of representatives of Lawyers against Injustice. All members will help the committee decide how the funds are allocated, set the strategic direction for the Injustice Fund, and make sure that the fund has the biggest possible impact.